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Fresh, affordable air conditioners are Ice Boy’s specialty. Along with fixed and portable air conditioner units, IceBoys offers a range of dehumidifiers and heaters to hire, buy or rent.

Our range of quiet, compact portable air conditioners includes units specifically designed for different room sizes. The lightweight portable air conditioner with a 7000 BTU output is perfect for a small room, while our 86kg unit with a 25,000 BTU output is just what you need to hire for a computer room.

Browse our portable air conditioner products available for home, office or industrial purposes. Our services include the installation, maintenance and servicing of any air conditioner unit.


Our fixed and portable air conditioning units for sale or rental offer unique features to suit all kinds of temperature control needs. Browse our domestic and commercial products arranged from smallest to largest below, or call us for more details.

Illustrations are for example only – therefore an equivalent model may be supplied.