IceBoys - Call the IceBoys

Fresh, affordable air conditioners are Ice Boy’s specialty. Along with fixed and portable air conditioner units, IceBoys offers a range of dehumidifiers and heaters for hire, buy or rent.

Our range of quiet, compact portable air conditioners includes units specifically designed for different room sizes. The lightweight portable air conditioner with a 7000 BTU output is perfect for a small room, while our 86kg unit with a 25,000 BTU output is just what you need to hire for a computer room.


IceBoys' engineers are well clued up on the industry to provide you with valuable advice. We take the number of residents, size and space of your room into account when matching you preferences with the appropriate mobile or fixed air conditioner.

Many of our portable air conditioning units also serve as heating systems, so you can maintain a comfortable interior temperature all-year round.

Once you have chosen your portable air conditioner or cooling system for sale or rental, we will provide you with the following support:

  • Delivering the unit safely to your door
  • Efficiently installing the system
  • Training you on its maintenance and use. This training is particularly useful for portable air conditioning installations for computer rooms and large office spaces.