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Portable Air Conditioning Product Range

Our fixed and portable air conditioning units for sale or rental offer unique features to suit all kinds of temperature control needs. Browse our domestic and commercial products arranged from smallest to largest below, or call us for more details.

Illustrations are for example only – therefore an equivalent model may be supplied.

Group 2

Small Rooms or Offices

If you’re looking for lightweight, quiet portable air conditioning units for small rooms, look no further. The units in Group 2 have an output of up to 7000 BTU and work by expelling heat externally, and cooling and circulating the air inside the room.

Dimensions of unit: H 840mm x W 460mm x D 320mm
Weight: 36kg
Typical room size: Small
Output 7,000 BTU (2.2kw)
Hose Length 1.2metres
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Group 2/5

Small Rooms or Offices

Portable Air Conditioning - 2/5

These middle-range portable air conditioning units can cope with a fair sized room. The units are larger and correspondingly heavier than Group 2 and therefore typically rated up to around 12000 BTU. Our most popular portable air conditioning system, the Gree KYD32, belongs to this group. The Gree KYD32 fits perfectly into any medium space, including offices, server rooms, bedrooms and even classrooms.

Stylish, reliable and easy to use; you can’t go wrong with the KYD32. Some of its outstanding features include:

  • A thermostat control to save energy
  • 4-in-1 mobile air conditioner (Cooling, Heating, Dehumidifying, Fan)
  • An LCD Control Panel
  • A water overflow alarm
  • An infra red remote control

Dimensions of unit: H 850mm x W 450mm x D 370mm
Weight: 45kg
Typical room size: Small/Medium
Output 10,000 BTU (3kw)
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Group 2/7

Medium Rooms or Offices

These units are the flagship of our portable air conditioning products, and are therefore suitable for any requirements in the home or office.

These air conditioning units come with the following desirable specs:

  • New Italian styling
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant — R410A
  • Temperature readout
  • Soft touch controls
  • LCD remote control with sliding cover
  • Sleep mode option

The powerful 15000Btu units also incorporate 3M Filtrete™ filter technology.
The 3M Filtrete™ offers the following unique features:

  • Filters out 90% of large allergens including mould, spores and pet dander
  • Filters out microscopic allergens like dust, smoke and smog particles including bacteria and particles that can carry viruses
  • The 3M Filtrete™ filter meets the American Lung Association and Indoor Air Quality Guidelines

*(Cooling capacity estimated using enthalpy method at 27°C, 60% RH.)

Dimensions of unit : H 800mm x W 555mm x D 455mm
Weight: 39kg
Typical room size: Small/Medium
Output 12,000 BTU (3.5kw)
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Group 2/7 (Stylish)

Medium Rooms or Offices

Group 2-7-Stylish Portable Air Conditioning

A newer and updated version of the existing Group 2/7, this more modern looking unit is perfect for updated office life. With sleek body design and gloss finish, the stylish unit fits in any modern office or home.

Additional features include:

  • Dual Cooling and Heating
  • Mains Supply, just plug and play!
  • Low Noise of 62dB
  • Comes with a 1.8m length ventilation hose for extended reach to openable windows.

*(Cooling capacity estimated using enthalpy method at 27°C, 60% RH.)

Dimensions of unit : H 795mm x W 480mm x D 400mm
Weight: 34kg
Typical room size: Small/Medium
Output 12,000 BTU (3.5kw)
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Group 2/9

Medium Rooms or Offices

One of the main players in the 2/9 group is the KYD44, which is similar to the KYD32 above.

This portable air conditioning unit suits those looking for something powerful, reliable and medium-sized, and is therefore perfect for any medium sized space or room.

A Group 2/9 Unit comes with the following features:

  • Castors for easy moving
  • Dehumidifiers for extra comfort
  • Heating options for all year round use
  • Automatic condensate removal for convenience (no need to empty the tank)

Dimensions of unit: H 730mm x W 560mm x D 355mm
Weight: 42kg
Typical room size: Small/Medium
Output 14,000 BTU (4.1kw)
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Group 3 Split Units

Medium Rooms or Offices

Group 3 Split

There are two main types of mobile or portable air conditioning units: single units and split systems. For larger rooms or rooms that have bigger heat loads, split systems are normally required. They are easily recognised by the separate box or condenser that is placed outside the room. This also makes for quieter operations indoors. Our group 3 split systems come in silver effect with a full remote control, built-in timer and three speed settings.

Dimensions of unit: H 730mm x W 560mm x D 355mm
Weight: 42kg
Typical room size: Small/Medium
Output 14,000 BTU (4.1kw)
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Group 4 Split Units

Computer/Server Rooms

These portable air conditioning units are specially designed to cope with the demands of server rooms. Server rooms require a delicate balance of humidity and temperature to keep the equipment at peak performance. Switches, routers and servers all generate a great deal of heat which could cause overheating and damage to systems if the temperature is not offset by air conditioning.

You can choose between our single unit and split unit options for your server room. Our Group 4 spilt units come with separate condensers, which are placed outdoors, while our Group 5 units (below) are available on castors with exhaust hoses which expel hot, damp air externally.

Dimensions of unit: H 870mm x W 460mm x D 430mm
H 730mm x W 560mm x D 355mm
Weight: 50kg
Typical room size: Medium/Computer Rooms
Output 18,000 BTU (5.2kw)
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Group 5

Large Computer/Server Rooms

Our Group 5 units are much larger, and are ideal for industrial sized server or computer rooms. With an impressive 7.3kW output, these are ideal for servers in the hot summer months. With a long hose length, this unit is both powerful and convenient. And although heavy, this portable air conditioning unit is just that. With four industrial castor wheels it can easily be pushed around an office or warehouse.

Dimensions of unit: H 1300mm x W 490mm x D 590mm
Weight: 86kg
Typical room size: Medium/Computer Rooms
Output 25,000 BTU (7.3kw)
Hose Length Can be ducted up to 9 metres
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Single Units – Mobile and Portable Air Conditioning: The Facts and Features

What features do modern air conditioners offer?

Stationary or portable air conditioning units reduce the temperature and humidity in your domestic or industrial environment, no matter what the season. These air conditioning units can switch between heater, dehumidifier and cooling functions to keep the temperature comfortable and safe at all times. In addition, they often use filters to collect smoke, odours, mites and micro-organisms that cause allergies and disease. In other words, modern air conditioning is good for your health. These days you can also buy or hire portable air conditioning systems with environmentally-friendly coolant and user-friendly features, such as remote controls, sleep modes and LCD control panels.

What is BTU output?

BTU (British Thermal Unit) is the energy required to raise the temperature of water by a certain number of degrees. In the context of air conditioning, BTU output is the measure of how much cooling power is required to control and lower a certain temperature (or BTU).

Iceboys supplies air conditioning for homes and offices with widely differing requirements. Our air conditioning products range from portable units at 2500w covering 9000 BTU, to stronger or fixed systems for larger spaces, ranging from 12000 BTU to 15000 BTU and upwards. All portable air conditioning units are also available for hire.

Iceboys’ Services

Iceboys provides homes and offices all over the UK with quiet, portable air conditioning units, as well as powerful central cooling systems. Looking for a portable air conditioning system with the latest features to rent or buy, but unsure of your room’s requirements? Simply contact Iceboys and let our experienced air conditioning staff do all the workings out for you.

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